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A package deal designed specifically for you; Etsy sellers.

the etsy upgrade

Do you want to take your Etsy Store to the next level?

Built with small businesses in mind, The Etsy Upgrade enables small businesses, no matter the size, the ability to have their own website and online store that represents their individual brand - at an affordable cost.

With a tried and tested six-step system, we can take your Etsy store and transform it into your very own website.

six-step system

Our tried & tested six-step system

Read below our tried and tested six-step system used to transforms your Etsy store into your very own website.


1. Getting Started

If you decide you would like to work with us, the first stage in the process is for us to send you our contract and an invoice for your deposit to secure your start date. We will also send you an invitation to our client portal, where you will find the information that we will need from you and how you can send it to us, as well as some key information on the process of your specific project.


2. Design Concept & Web Direction Brief

Depending on the package you opt for, before we begin designing and building your website, we will provide you with a design concept & web direction brief to walk you through our strategic direction and design for your website. Within this brief, we will summarise what we've learnt about your business, your requirements and your goals and how we will achieve them. You will also be able to review the visual direction that we have planned for your website within this brief. You will then have the opportunity to provide us with your thoughts and feedback before we begin building your website.


3. Your Products

Whilst awaiting your feedback on our design concept & web direction brief, we'll begin uploading your products and your categories to your store. This involves formatting all of your product images, formatting your product information, and inputting all of the relevant data to ensure your products are both showcased perfectly and professionally.


    4. Your Website

    Once we have uploaded all of your products and we have received your feedback on our web design & direction brief, we will begin building your website! Your website will have the full set-up, including a strategically designed home page, an about page to tell your story, a contact page, the necessary shipping and policy pages, and of course the main highlight: your very own online store. Depending on the package you opt for, additional pages can also be added, for example, wholesale information pages, partner pages, stockist pages, faqs. etc.


    5. Additional Features

    If you  to have any aon your website, to improve both your customer's shopping experience and your sales experience, we will also add these to your website during the building phase. Once steps 4 and 5 have been completed, we will then submit the design of your website for you to review and provide feedback on.


    6. Ownership Transfer

    Finally, once we have received your feedback and made any final design amendments, your website will officially be complete! This means we'll be able to hand over the ownership to you, as well as provide you with all of the information you need to feel confident in operating your brand new site, including access to our Shopify online guides and tutorials. We'll also be sure to schedule the launch of your website into our calendar so we can celebrate with you and be available to help if you need us.

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