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Privacy Policy

At Ecommerce Artisans we are very strict on how we handle our data, as we respect privacy in all its forms, especially during the digital age that we live in. Here is our policy on how we handle and store all data that we keep within our business.

In short the only data we collect that is not given to us by you explicitly is through Google Analytics, but as we will explain later we do all we can using this software to maintain your privacy while using our site.

Information We Collect

When you visit our website, we automatically collect some data from you, such as your device, where you where referred from, and what you do while on our site.

We collect this data because we feel it is important to see what parts of our website receive traffic, and where we can improve. We do not now and never will use your data to buy adverts on other platforms. We feel this is unethical and would prefer that our marketing strategies revolve around the quality of content we produce rather than buying your attention.

Google Analytics

As mentioned earlier, we use Google Analytics to track the usage on our website, but we have put in place safeguards that protect your data.

IP Anonymisation

When you enter our site, part of the data collected is your IP Address, this can be identifiable, but before any data is sent to Google analytics, we anonymise your IP address, this makes any data sent to Google unidentifiable, meaning we can only see what you did on our website - how long you were on a page, which pages you went to on our website and when you left the site. This data cannot be traced back to you or your IP address.

As a secondary method we have also instructed Google not to use any of our data for other services that they use. This means that even though all data is unidentifiable, we still do not share any of this with third party services, and does not leave our analytics site.

Here is a link to help you understand about Google's policies. https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/.
You can also opt-out of Google Analytics here:

Personal Data

We are a service based business, and thus are required to store data locally to enable us to complete our work with you. This data would include you Name, Email Address, Location, and details about your business. All this data will be provided by you in order for us to successfully enable us to do our work.

To help us do our work we use G Suite to store all our files and emails, this is a paid business account so Google does not collect, scan or use any data that we store within G Suite. We retain this information for our records, tax purposes and in case we require to do any further work with you in the future. We also store a copy of the data locally on our hard drives in case for some reason we lose the data stored within the cloud.


We use stripe as our payment processing software, and will invoice you directly from Stripe. As part of this Stripe will process and control some data from you which we cannot control (more information can be found here). Using Stripe is a much safer alternative than you providing us with your bank details or vice versa, thus reducing the risk of fraud, or your personal banking details being hacked and stolen.

Your Rights

All information we have and store relating to you is of course assessable to you if you request us to do so. Use any of the ways to contact us below to discuss this and we will provide you with all information that we store relating to you and your data.

You also have the right to be erased, meaning that if you do not wish us to store your data anymore you can request us to delete any and all information pertaining to you that we have. If you wish us to do this please email us at the below address and we will respond within 2 working days.

Contact Information

Our preference is that you contact us via email at hello@ecommerceartisans.co.uk this is the fastest way to receive a response from us regard any questions regarding our privacy policy, but you may also get in contact with us via post at the below address:

28 Maidford Road
NN17 2NR

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