Pod & Pip

Pod & Pip, now this was a beautiful website to build.

When Sarah, the owner of Pod & Pip, first approached us and explained how she had built her own website on Wix, we was immediately impressed. Building your own website takes a lot of time and patience, so we commend anyone that has done this themselves! Sarah went on to explain that as a Florist, there were certain functionalities that were becoming essential for her business to have, and that unfortunately Wix just wasn’t up to the job. We knew straight away that the platform we work with, Shopify, had these functionalities available and that if Sarah wanted her site transferred, we could also spend time addressing some other areas of her website too, like the navigation, the design, and the structure to the site. Sarah soon agreed and was scheduled into our diary to begin work.

The first part of a website transfer is conquering the design, which admittedly as a designer is often my (Jess’s) favourite part (no surprise there!). Straight away we could see the elegant design that Sarah was aiming for, and I was immediately excited to have the opportunity to perfect the design in ways that Wix had failed to do with Sarah. You can see in the image below the before and after shots of the website.

We also implemented a lot of different functionalities throughout the time working on Sarahs website, but there are two that we want to share with you today.

The first, was Sarah’s workshops. Sarah holds beautiful flower workshops where she teaches a small group of people exactly how to achieve their chosen goal - whether that be a wedding bouquet, a vase arrangement, a stunning wreath, a table arrangement, or one of Sarah’s many other stunning options. You can enter the workshop as a complete beginner, enjoy a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and come out with the ability to create a beautiful flower arrangement. So, with Sarah's workshops becoming more popular and her range of workshops increasing, she wanted to have the ability to sell them online using a process that would be easy for both herself and for her customers to use.  

We were able to create a streamlined process for Sarah’s workshops that has already proven successful, with many workshop bookings already being made. We created a brand new page to display every one of Pod & Pips workshops, where customers could go to read about workshops in general, browse each specific workshop and either make a booking or fill in a contact form for a bespoke 1-2-1 or party booking. You can see below the process we created.

The second essential functionality that Sarah required for her website was the ability to provide Click & Collect and Local Delivery. This functionality in itself is an easy thing to do, but when you take into account the different type of products Sarah offers (both flowers and gifts), their different shipping methods, pricing rules, and delivery radius - it can become a little more complicated. Sarah also needed her customers to be able to choose their date for local delivery, or the date that they would like to collect their order - otherwise, it can quickly develop into an overwhelming amount of orders all needing to be done on the same day.

After a lot of research, we were able to set up an advance system that took into account every variable necessary, but still work in a user friendly way - both simple and smooth. Sarah now has the ability to send her orders nationwide, within a specific radius of her workshop, and offer her customers the option to click & collect their orders too, all on their chosen date. Sarah also now has the ability to switch off local delivery and click & collect for any time she needs a break, which we think she most definitely deserves.

In conclusion, transferring this beautiful businesses website was a lovely experience for us, and perfecting Sarah’s design as well providing her with some essential functionalities has already shown to be a success, with multiple orders for both products and workshops coming in on the day of her launch.

If you're looking to transfer your website away from Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, or Woocommerce, click here to contact us and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.

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