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Having the opportunity to work with Kasia, the founder and owner of Paper & Ink, was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Kasia approached us with a desire to have her own website so that she could finally have a place on the internet that represented her brand properly, and a place that also showcased her products in a way that they deserved - and using the Etsy Upgrade Package we were able to do exactly that.

Kasia opted to use our Start-Up Package from the three tiers that we offer for The Etsy Upgrade, and using that package we were able to provide Kasia with a beautiful website that was styled perfectly for her business. Out of our four template choices for our start-up package, Kasia chose the minimalistic and elegant theme, Debut. Debut is one of our most popular themes as it showcases products perfectly without drawing any attention away from the products themselves. Alongside this theme, by using a minimalist font, images that showcase where the Paper & Ink's products are used, and a branded colour palette, we were able to bring Paper & Ink's website to life.

For customer trust and transparency, we also imported all of Paper & Ink'a reviews from Etsy onto the new website, ready for Kasia's new and returning customers to read before placing their orders. Alongside this, another additional feature that we added to Paper & Ink's website was an Instagram Feed placed on the homepage for added 'Inspiration', as Kasia often showcases her customers purchases placed beautifully in their new homes.

Please note, once we hand over our clients websites we also hand over full control which includes control of their design. With this in mind, the design of their site may have since changed from what we originally created. You can see our original design in the image below.

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