Product Upload Guide

Locating Your Products

  • Log into your Shopify account
  • Using the menu on the left hand side of your screen, select 'Products'

Adding a New Product

  • Click 'Add Product'

Your New Product

  • This section is where you can name your product and write a description

Product Availability

  • This is where you can schedule the availability of your product
  • Click 'Schedule availability' to select the date you want your product to go live

Product Images

  • This is where you can upload the images of your product
  • I advise choosing beforehand whether you would like to use square images or rectangle images, this way you can maintain consistency throughout your online store
  • Once you have uploaded the images, you can drag them left, right, up, and down to put them in the exact order you would like them to display on your product page

Collections & Tags

  • Collections are used to categories or group your products together. To briefly explain, you can show a collection of products on your homepage to feature, you can create a collection to showcase a category of products, or you can create a sale collection or products. Please see the 'Collection Guide' to learn how to use these to your full advantage.
  • Tags are keywords that you can add to a product that makes it easier for your customer to search for in the search bar of your website


  • This is where you can input the price of your product
  • If you are uploading a product with multiple options, for example sizes and colours, leave this price at £0 as you will have the opportunity to input the specific prices further down the page - we will cover that soon


  • This is where you can input the SKU - this is a specific code that is connected to your product to track the inventory, this is often used in physical stores so that products can be kept track of
  • You can also input how many of this product you have in stock - If your product is for multiple options, for example colours and sizes, leave the quantity at 0 as you will be able to input the exact quantities available for each option further down the page


  • This is where you can select whether this is a physical product, or a digital product
  • If you are selling a physical product, you can input the weight of the item so that you can charge the correct postage fees
  • If you are selling a digital product, please unselect the check box labelled 'This is a physical product'


  • If you're selling a products with different options then please tick the checkbox under the title 'Variants' labelled 'This product has multiple options, like different sizes or colours'
  • This can be used for whatever different options you have for your product, it can be anything from size, colour, weight, style, scent... etc.

Inputting Variants

  • This is where you can input the different variants (options) of your product
  • You can add as many variants as you need to
  • You can either select the 'Option' title from the drop down menu, or you can write your own title in the 'Option' box
  • Once you have titled your option, you can then begin to list the specific options in that category. For example, for the option 'Size' you could write: Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, or Small, Medium, Large
  • Once you have listed the different options of your first category you will then see where you can input the specific prices and how many you have in stock

Pricing Variants & Inputting Quantities

  • This is where you can input the different prices for the different options you have in your first variant/category section
  • If you have another variant/category then click the button labelled 'Add another option'

Adding Multiple Variants

  • Once you have inputted your second variant/category you will then be able to see this in the preview below
  • For each different variant/category you input, you will be able to input the price and quantity of the variants included
  • For example, I want to price my products separately. If I have a 'Size 1' in both 'Red' and 'Green', I will need to input the price for both the 'Size 1' in 'Red' and in 'Green'. This is because there may be a slight increase in price for my green product compared to my red product. This is much more common in sizes. I'll then need to do the same for my 'Size 2' product
  • Once you have listed all of your products and their different options, you can then continue to the next stage

Search Engine Listing Preview - SEO

  • The SEO preview shows you what your website link will look like when it appears on Google
  • This is where you can change how the title of your product appears if you would like it to appear differently on Google in comparison to your website. By changing the 'Page Title' section, it will not change the actual title of your product in the online store
  • The description of your product will automatically appear in the SEO description, this is because it uses the information you inputted into the product description box. If you want to change how the description appears on Google, then this is where you need to edit it. This does not change the actual product description that will appear on your product page, just the description that appears on Google

Saving Your Product

  • Once you have saved your product it will now appear on your main product page
  • You can select your product and update it at any time that you need to

Product Upload Complete

Well done! You've successfully learnt how to add a product to your online store!

If at any point you get stuck and need help, please don't hesitate to contact me at

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