Generating & Deleting Gift Card Codes

If you are selling physical gift vouchers/cards on your website, and in store, then this guide will show you how to generate a new gift card code to be used online and in-store.

Locating Gift Cards

  • Using the menu on the left hand side of your screen, select 'Products'
  • Under the section heading 'Products', you'll be able to then select 'Gift Cards'
  • If you have never used gift cards before, you asked to either sell or send a gift card, otherwise, you will see a list of all your current and past gift cards you have created

Generating a new gift card code

  • You can select 'issue gift card' at the top right hand corner
  • Shopify will now automatically generate you a new gift card and code

Changing your gift card code

  • If you would like to change your gift card code to something simpler, you can do so using this text box
  • You can also change the price

Expiration Dates, Customers, Notes

  • If you would like to set an expiration date, you can do so by selecting 'set expiration date' and then selecting the date. This is often not neccessary though.
  • You can also assign the gift card to a customer or to a new customer using the 'search customers' box - this gift card will then be emailed to them. However, if you are generating your gift card code for gift vouchers to send in the post, then it is not necessary to email this to them.
  • If you would like to add notes to this gift card, you can also do so under the notes section.
  • Once you have generated your code, you can then write it down on your gift voucher - hand it to them in store, or send it to them in the post.
  • Make sure you have pressed save - and you will then be shown the saved version of the gift card and part of its code.
  • Using the back arrow, you can navigate back to the main page of your gift cards.

Searching for gift card codes

  • If you need to find a specific gift card, then you can do so using the search bar.

Disabling a gift card

  • If a customer would like to redeem their gift card in store - it is essential to either disable it on Shopify if they have used their entire balance, or disable it and generate a new code for their remaining balance.
  • To do this, first locate the card and click on it
  • Now select 'disable card'

Please note, if a customer has purchased a product using their card online - you do not need to touch their card, their balance will automatically update, and when they have used their entire balance the card will automatically disable.

  • You will then be shown a pop-up, confirming you want to disable the gift card.
  • Once it has been disabled, it will read 'disabled' at the top of the page - it is best to always make sure it has worked.
  • You can now navigate back to the gift card main page to generate a new gift card, or continue with another task.

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