Blog Posts

Creating your first Blog post

  • Log into your Shopify account 
  • Using the menu on the left hand side of your screen, select 'Online Store'. 
  • Navigate down the menu to 'Blog Posts' and select it.

Create a new blog post

  • The Blog posts page will now load onto your screen and you will be able to add a new blog post.

Creating your blog post

  • This is the page where you will need to insert all of your blog content, including text, images and/or videos. 
  • On this section of the page you can insert your blog posts title and insert the text for your blog post. 
  • You can also select whether you want your blog post to be visible on your website or invisible. This is handy to use if you would like to prepare your blog posts in advance.

Inserting your blog post content - Text

  • You can write in bold, italics or underline your text, as well as keep it standard.

Inserting your blog post content - Headings

  • You can also include different headings

Inserting you blog post content - Images

  • You can also insert images by clicking the image of a picture.
  • This will then bring up a box titled 'insert image'. You can then upload an image from your computer, or insert an image you have previously used.
  • You can then select which size you would like your image to display as. You may need to play with this for a while until you know what specific size is best for your post.

Inserting videos

  • You can also insert videos into your blog post.
  • The video that you want to insert into your blog post must first be uploaded to Youtube.
  • Once your video has been uploaded, or you have located the video that you want to insert into your blog post, click the video icon on the content menu and insert the video embed code.

Adding your Excerpt

  • You can also add an excerpt, which is  is a short snippet of text that will be shown next to the blog posts title when your customers are viewing your main blog page (where all blog titles are shown ready for your customer to select the one they want to read).
  • Try to write something that will catch the readers eye and make them want to know more. If you cannot think of anything, then you can use the first few lines of your blog post.

Search Engine Listing Preview (SEO)

  • The search engine listing preview is where you are shown how your blog post will appear on Google Search.
  • To edit how this will appear, click 'Edit website SEO'.
  • You can edit how your blog post title will show on Google.
  • You can also edit the 'meta description' - this is the short paragraph that summarises you blog post when seen on Google. This can be the same as your Excerpt, or it can be something more enticing for readers to want to click more.

Saving your Blog Post

  • Once you have finished editing your SEO, you can save your blog post and preview your blog post.
  • A new screen will open and you will be able to scroll through the preview of your blog posts

Blog Post Complete

  • If you are happy with how your blog post is appearing, then you can either leave your post hidden for when you would like to publish it or you can publish it straight away.
  • To see how to set your blog post to visible or hidden see page 3. 
  • Once you have set your blog post to how you would like it to appear you are finished! Now you can create another blog post or move onto another area of your website.

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