How we are supporting small businesses

One of our taglines at E-commerce Artisans is that we are “the web design & development team serving small businesses”.

Here’s how we are fulfilling that daily.

Small business guides

Every Friday, our new goal at E-commerce Artisans is to share a guide on Instagram in support of small businesses. Each with a different topic, we'll be selecting a range of small businesses to feature each week. Be sure to head to our Instagram profile, tap the guide icon above our grid and have a read.

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Educational blog articles

Covering a range of topics, we aim to share helpful information on running an online store successfully, as well as how you can always improve your website as your business grows.

The Etsy Upgrade

Built with small businesses in mind, The Etsy Upgrade enables small businesses, no matter the size, the ability to have their own website and online store that represents their individual brand - at an affordable cost.

With a tried and tested six-step system, we can take an Etsy store and transform it into a brand new website for a small business to call their own.

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Free online guides

When working with our web design clients we have always had the approach of ensuring they become self-sustainable. This means we teach our clients everything they need to know about their website, including how to run it and utilise specific features. 

We are able to do this successfully through the use of online guides, stored here on our website. 

These guides are now available to the public, meaning if you run a Shopify website, whether we have built it for you or not, you can utilise our free online guides to learn essential skills and more. 

You can access these guides through our services page, be sure to keep an eye on them as we're always adding more.

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Coming soon - extensive guides

Designed for those that are not yet able to make the investment in a web designer but are ready to have their own online space, our extensive guides will teach you exactly how to set up your own Shopify store successfully.

Plans for the future - online courses

Stepping up from our extensive guides, through the use of online courses, we will be teaching small businesses how to successfully set up and run their own Shopify Stores. All the way from back-end settings through to designing a website to represent a brand, as well as how to successfully grow and market a business online, our online courses will provide all of the details through educational step by step videos and documentations.

Jess McLean

Co-founder of E-commerce Artisans. Experienced in web design. Passionate about cats, books and living a vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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