How to write an e-commerce 'about' page

An about page is your space to say this is who I am. It is a way that a customer can find out about you and your business before they decide whether they are going to buy from you or not. So make a good impression!


Write for humans

We’ve all read - well started to read and quickly clicked off -  those long boring pages using corporate-speak explaining how their company is the best thing to happen. But they feel and are lifeless.

Instead, focus on the reader, who are they, why have they come to your site, what pain do they have that you can fix. By focusing on them you’ll avoid writing all about you, but instead what you can do for them.

So are you ready for some tips? Here are 6 questions that can help you craft an ‘about’ page that sells.

What is your mission statement? - Your mission statement needs to answer three questions, why do you do what you do, what are you offering and why should your visitors care?

Where did your business come from? - Every business started somewhere, what made you start yours?

How have you progressed from the very first step you made as a business? - Are there any accomplishments you would like to share with your visitors? If you’re a young business then why not share what your goals are as a business.

Who do you serve? - Who is your target audience and why? Your business won’t be aimed at every single market out there, so who does your business resonate with.

What are you offering your audience? - When you explain who your target audience is, you should also explain what you are offering them. Explaining exactly what you are providing your customers with, in a clear communicative way is one of the keys to keeping visitors on your website.

What are your values? - People want to connect with you as a human, but they also want to know what your business values are too. Is there something specific in life that drives your business? This can be the perfect ending to your about page.

Using questions like this can help hone your message and turn the about page into a page that draws customers in and brings you more sales.

Do you still need a little more help?

Here are two fantastic articles that focus on how you can write an about page as an e-commerce store.

Have fun! And please share with me your end results, I would love to see them.

Alex McLean

Co-founder of E-commerce Artisans. Experienced in web development. Passionate about books, DIY and gardening. You may find him hugging a tree every now and again.

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