4 reasons why hiring a professional web designer costs

To some, web designers and web developers are viewed as 'expensive', to others we are considered to be an 'investment' that bring great benefits to a business, and often, bring transformations too.

But which is it, are we 'expensive' or are we an 'investment'? And even if you do view us as an 'investment', understandably you would still like to read why we can be considered 'expensive' too. Right?

So, today we are going to answer both of those questions.

In this blog post, we are going to walk you through why a website is an investment, as well as why having a website designed by a professional can be considered to be expensive too.

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Why is hiring a web designer an investment?

Having a professionally designed website built for you can have a huge impact on your business.

A professionally designed website is built to attract your target audience and build trust within your potential and returning customers, and as a result, increase your sales.

Throughout this blog post, you will read how we can achieve this as web designers and developers, but for now, we are going to start with an example.

Recently, we designed a new website for a small business named A La KArt Creations. I know, surprise, surprise, we designed a website. But what made this special for us is that just one month after launching the new design our client was contacted by The Guardian. Yes, you read that right, The Guardian! The UK national newspaper and magazine with a circulation of 220,000 and an average print readership of 867,000!

Why did The Guardian contact our client? Because they wanted to feature them in their 'Christmas with The Guardian Weekend Magazine', isn't that insane?! Our client runs an amazing business, and we are insanely proud of them for the products they produce, but, can you guess how The Guardian found our client?

The answer is that The Guardian found our client through their new website.

The Guardian was so impressed with what they saw when visiting our client's website that they contacted our client to find out if they were interested in being featured in their nationwide magazine. Now, our client has been featured in a magazine that had a reach of over 800,000 people, because of both their amazing business and their professionally designed website.

Now, if that doesn't show you how a website is an investment, we aren't sure what else would convince you. And if you aren't yet convinced that a website is an investment, we will politely request you leave our website haha. If you are, however, convinced, keep reading, because now we'll talk costs!

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4 reasons why hiring a web designer costs money

Whether you view hiring a web designer as an investment or not, the cost involved can sometimes still be a little surprising. So, we are going to walk you through the four main factors of why this process can be considered 'expensive'.

01 / Web design & development takes time

Building a successful website takes time, rather a lot of it. With our websites ranging from completion within 6-8 weeks, you can quickly see that there is a lot of work and time involved.

When building a website, we research, research, research and then we plan, plan, plan. Doing this means we can build your business the website that it needs to be successful.

Every website is different, and every business has different requirements to meet and different goals to accomplish, so we form a strategy specific to you, a strategy that will enable us to build your business a website that will be a huge success.

Then, we build.

The building process also takes time, taking into consideration that we need to accomplish specific goals and requirements, as well as build a website that will attract your target audience, build trust and increase your sales, we aren't looking to rush the process.

Not only that, but we also include you along the way by providing essential review periods to gain your feedback and make any adjustments, ensuring your website is perfect in both our eyes as the designers and yours as the business owner(s).

02 / Web design & development has value

Hiring a web designer to research, plan, design and develop your website can have a huge impact on your business. Not only can a professionally designed website showcase your business and products in the best way possible, but it can attract your target audience, build trust, and as a result, directly impact your sales.

A badly designed website, however, can very quickly and easily do the opposite.

So not only are you paying your web designer based on the amount of time it will take to craft your dream website, but you are also paying them for the end result; the value that your website is going to provide.

A professionally designed website truly is an investment.

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03 / Web designers & developers have experience

If you have been in business for over a year, how many hours have you invested in educating yourself in your area of expertise? How many skills have you developed that others haven't figured out yet? How much experience have you gained by perfecting your technique?

If we are right, then it's highly likely you have spent hours and hours educating yourself, you have developed multiple skills, you have gained a lot of experience and you have perfected your technique (whether you're too shy to admit it or not!). And we're happy to say we have too.

As web designers and developers we have developed and perfected our skills, built up our knowledge (and continue to), as well as gained experience over the years of working with small businesses.

So it's important to keep in mind that many designers reflect their pricing based on their experience and skills, whilst taking into consideration what is fair.

04 / Web design & development is a business, not a hobby

We're running a business and this is our income.

As business owners, we have business expenses, such as design and development tools, marketing, hosting, insurance, and much, much more.

We also have our personal expenses to pay, such as our rent, our gas and electricity, our car payments, food payments, payments to feed and care for our pets, etc.

As business owners, we don't provide professionally designed and developed websites as a hobby, no, we're running a fully functioning business with bills to pay and futures to plan for - just like you.

So when you consider requesting a web designer to build you a website for £200-£300 that would normally take 6-8 weeks to complete, please take this into consideration (alongside all of the above).

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But, remember

When it comes to finding a web designer, the most important factor should be finding one that you can trust, not just one you can afford. Web design, after all, is an investment and when done correctly it can help both grow and transform your business.

If cost is the most important factor for you, then it may not be the right time to invest in a web designer - and that's ok! It's important this investment is made at the right time and stage in your business. There is a lot to work on in your business beforehand, so use the time wisely and prepare your business well. You can click here to download our website preparation guide to get started.

Or, if you are eager to have a website now and you don't want to wait, consider a DIY website. There is a lot of pro's and con's to a DIY website though, so take some time to decide whether it's right for you. You can read our blog post titled 'Can I build my own website?' to help you decide.

We hope this has been helpful and we hope this has helped you understand why hiring a web designer is an investment, as well as why a professionally designed website can cost (sometimes more than you originally expected).

Jess McLean

Co-founder of E-commerce Artisans. Experienced in web design. Passionate about cats, books and living a vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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