3 Ways you can drive traffic from your Etsy Store to your website

The time has come, your investment in hiring a web designer has finally paid off. You now own a beautiful website where you can sell your products online without being charged extortionate fees or have 'cheaper/alternative' products being promoted! Congratulations, this is a huge moment! But what happens to your Etsy Store now? Do you slowly stop selling your products on Etsy and close it down? Or do you keep your Etsy Store open, somehow utilising it to your advantage? Well, this blog post is going to answer that question for you.

By the end of this blog post you will know exactly how to move forward with Etsy, but most importantly: how to drive traffic from your Etsy Store to your brand new website.

What's next for your Etsy Store?

If your Etsy traffic is organic, mainly originating from search results within the marketplace, our advice is to keep your Etsy Store open.

We know, "but the fees!" Just wait until you hear our reasoning.

Etsy is an online marketplace, it's designed as a search engine for small businesses. So why remove yourself from what is basically an online directory of small businesses when it's used by millions of people on a daily basis? Especially if you have successfully built up your profile and are now a prominent business for specific search results. It wouldn't make sense to remove yourself from that position when you have worked so hard and have been successfully selling your products. However, it also wouldn't make sense to keep losing profit because of Etsy's fees. So if we don't recommend closing down your Etsy Store, what do we recommend you do?

Utilise Etsy. Utilise your Etsy Store and drive traffic to your website. By doing so, you gain customers from your Etsy profile and make sales on your website.

So how do you do drive traffic from your Etsy Store to your website?

How to drive traffic from Etsy to your website

There are three ways we recommend you use to drive traffic from your Etsy Store to your website:

  1. Make announcements through Etsy - You can use your store banner, your shop photo and your email signature to announce different reasons why your customers should use your website. For example, you can use these features to announce your "brand new website launch!" Or, you can use them to announce that there are better prices and a larger selection of products on your website (explained in points 2 & 3). It can be as simple as saying "Check out our new website for better prices and even more products! www.yourwebsite.com". Why? Because utilising these features on your Etsy store drives traffic to your website. Instead of your customers making purchases through Etsy, they'll be more inclined to head to your website instead. This way you are utilising the small business directory that Etsy is and making sales through your website all at the same time.
  2. Start raising your prices on Etsy - By raising your prices on Etsy you will encourage your customers to make their purchases via your website instead of Etsy, as well as explore the different products you have available. Be sure to only ever raise your prices on Etsy though, and not lower them on your website. This way if a customer still decides to make their purchase through Etsy then you will still make a profit and make your money back from the fees Etsy will charge you. If you choose to utilise this method then be sure to also utilise point 1, this way your customers will be aware that your prices are better on your website and not be discouraged.
  3. Remove your unpopular items from Etsy - Do you have any products on your Etsy store that no longer gain much attention or you make very little sales from? If you do, remove them. For each listing on Etsy, you pay both to publish and to renew. So if a listing no longer makes money, remove it.

Please note, whilst we recommend you utilise your Etsy Store to drive traffic to your website, you cannot stop a customer from completing a purchase on Etsy or redirect them to your website during their order transaction. Doing so will cause you to be in violation of Etsy's Policy due to being classed as 'Fee Avoidance'.

So there you have it, three simple steps in utilising Etsy to drive traffic to your website.

Three simple steps that will help you successfully save money and consistently gain sales.

Jess McLean

Co-founder of E-commerce Artisans. Experienced in web design. Passionate about cats, books and living a vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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