1 Essential reason why your website needs to be user friendly

If your website looks beautiful, is that enough to ensure its success? Or are there other factors that need to be considered when building your website? Today we’re going to explain how important, no essential, it is that not only is your website designed to look good, but how it also needs to be designed to be user friendly.

An experience to learn from

I could quite easily go into an in-depth explanation here about UX (User Experience) Design. Instead, I’m going to share my experience with a website I visited this morning.

A little backstory, I’m on the hunt for a specific service provider. A business has been suggested to us, so we want to read more about their services available and see if they offer what we need.

The first thing I did was find their Instagram account, then using the link in their bio I headed straight to their website with the intention of reading about their services. Sadly, the problems began on the first page I was greeted with.

1st Problem - Their link page didn’t include one of the most vital parts of their business: a link to their services. That’s not too bad in itself, because I know if a link I’m looking for isn’t on their link page I’ll just use their main menu on their website. Not everyone thinks to do this though, as we’re so accustomed to important links being easily accessible.

2nd Problem - When using the main website menu to find their services page, their services page wasn’t actually listed, instead it was placed under a drop down titled ‘About’. On the surface this may not seem that bad, but it’s the second stumbling block I’m faced with when all I want to do is find their services page to see if I want to work with them. This is enough for some to just simply click off and look for someone else to work with.

3rd Problem - After selecting their services page I then find it has very little detail, with only a brief description of each service available. So I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. There are no buttons to click ‘read more’, so I tap the image just incase it redirects me to a more detailed page. Not everyone would think to do this though, again giving them a reason to simply leave.

4th Problem - Upon clicking the image I’m taken to an entirely different website. Now I’m 100% confused why I’m on this new website and still can’t find the information I need.

The result, I’m gone. I click off the site and start hunting for another business to look into their services available. Hopefully finding one with information that is much more easily accessible.

From this one experience, you can see how vital it is for your website to be user friendly. Customers don’t want to hunt for the information they need, neither will they, they will instead simply leave your website causing you to lose a client or a sale.

Today's Takeaway

So the takeaway of today’s post is; always make sure your website is user friendly, not just beautiful.

Jess McLean

Co-founder of E-commerce Artisans. Experienced in web design. Passionate about cats, books and living a vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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