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Learn how we transformed our business from being built with the goal of serving big businesses, to the business we are today: working solely with small businesses.

Our story

Everyone has a story, here's ours

Our business was born back in 2018, but it was during the pandemic of 2020 that our business really transformed into the one it is today. 

We originally started our business with the goal of wanting to work with big brands, just as any web designer and developer would, but 2020 changed that for us... During what was one of the worst years of ours, and everyone else’s lives, we realised how important and special small businesses are, and whilst everyone began looking for ways to support them - so did we. 

We changed our goals, our services, and our target audience in the effort to help bring small businesses to the online world, to a place where they didn’t need to rely on a physical store, business front, or selling platform, but instead rely on their very own website and online presence.

Since that moment we have worked solely with small businesses, because we believe they are the heart and soul of our communities, and we get such joy in being part of their journey to success - and hopefully yours too.

Jess & Alex McLean
Chief Destruction Officer
Director of Belly Rubs
The One & Only Queen
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Building trust, one website at a time

Searching for the right web designer and developer is a process, and reviewing client feedback is an essential part of that process. We’ve worked with a range of amazing clients, all with different goals and dreams... here are some of their testimonials.

"I cannot recommend Jess and Alex highly enough. They are both exceptional at what they do and complement each other greatly. Jess and Alex helped guide and reassure me throughout the whole process and are patient, professional and responsive at all times. Thank you so much for my beautiful Shopify site!"

Your British Store
Service Taken :
Premium Website

"Alex and Jess are quite literally the dream team. As a brand new small business owner, life can be overwhelming, and whilst there are a lot of things I can muddle through with on my own, they helped me with patience, empathy and professionalism. I wouldn't hesitate the recommend this duo for all your web design/development and online store needs."

Service Taken :

"We have had our beautifully designed website moved to Shopify as we wanted to switch platform that is 100% user friendly with extra features. I have to say that Jess and Alex are absolutely brilliant. Not only they are professional, knowledgable and helpful but they possess the patience of a saint."

Chalke Valley Soaps
Service Taken :
Site Transfer

"I can highly recommend E-commerce Artisans, they're magicians when it comes to website building. They did mine last month and I'm so happy with it."

Floral Cottage Co.
Service Taken :
Etsy Upgrade

"For any business, large or small, the service you will get from E-commerce Artisans is just impeccable... They're an absolute joy to work with and I would thoroughly recommend them."

Paper & Ink
Service Taken :
Etsy Upgrade

"Thanks to the fantastic help and support from E-commerce Artisans I now have a new design for my website. When I saw the design for the first time I was speechless... I cannot thank them enough for their hard work!"

A La KArt Creations
Service Taken :
Etsy Upgrade
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