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Helping you succeed

As Shopify Partners, we play the vital role in introducing new businesses to the world of E-commerce. Helping you to start, sell, market and manage your business as you grow in your new venture, we give you the tools to help you succeed.

E-commerce is a large and complex aspect of business, and you need someone in your corner to guide and help you along your journey. We want to be that guide, helping your business to become the next best thing.

As Shopify Partners we have the tools to do what we love, creating beautiful, successful websites for your business, no matter the size.

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Why choose Shopify?

'Shopify powers over 1,700,000 businesses worldwide, and is the all-in-one commerce platform to start, run, and grow a business.' But how does it benefit you personally?


1. Purpose Built

Shopify has been purpose built from the ground up to be an e-commerce platform. E-commerce wasn't just an afterthought, rather every aspect of the platofrm is built with e-commerce in mind.


2. User Friendly

Even though Shopify is able to complete incredibly complex tasks, it is very simple and easy to use. With only a short while getting used to the admin panel, you will be able to confidently run your e-commerce store.


3. App Store

While Shopify is very feature rich, it doesn't do everything, but with the app store hosting over 2,500 quality controlled apps, you can be safe in the knowledge that whatever you need your website to do, it is possible to achieve.


4. Flexible & built to scale

Suddenly got a huge PR boost, or a product you sell has suddenly gone viral? The way Shopify is built and how your website is running on their servers means that even if you suddenly recieve a spike in traffic to your store your website can take it in it's stride and eassily handle anything your users throw at it.


5. Secure and Reliable

Shopify hosts every website ion their own servers, meaning you do not need to pay for a developer to maintain and update your store. They also have the highest level of security on all their stores, meaning you don't have to worry able cyber-crime*.


6. Shopify Partners and Experts

The benefit of Shopify being so popular is that there is a huge bank of qualified and capable experts that are able to work directly with your store in a range of specialties, meaning you will never be without an expert in your corner supporting you.

Our Experience

Our Shopify client showcase

As Shopify partners we have launched countless websites on the Shopify platform each with their own unique styles and requirements. Here are some of our favourite Shopify Stores we have had the pleasure to build.

Pod & Pip
Pod & Pip

Sarah, the owner of Pod & Pip, approached us when her current website was no longer meeting her requirements as an ever-expanding business. Using our site transfer service, we were able to offer Sarah a new design for her website built on a brand new system, all at once.

Click here to read the project details

Chalke Valley Soaps
Chalke Valley Soaps

Helga, from Chalke Valley Soaps, approached us when WooCommerce was no longer living up to its expectations. With slow loading page speeds, and not so user-friendly systems, it was time to upgrade Chalke Valley Soaps website and transfer it to Shopify. Here's how we were able to help.

Click here to read the project details

Your British Store
Your British Store

Louise, the owner of Your British Store, first approached us with a desire to start a brand new small business, and with that small business, she required a brand new website. Not only that, but with no logo, no branding, and no business material, we really were given an empty canvas to work with.

Click here to read the project details

Floral Cottage Co.
Floral Cottage Co.

Now offering premium faux floral products, Pavla needed a premium platform to sell on. Using The Etsy Upgrade, we were able to bring The Floral Cottage Co. to life and offer Pavla’s customers a premium experience whilst purchasing their premium products.

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